Week of December 1 Assignment #1

Hi Division 16,

Maybe you’ve heard of this:  A project called “Humans of Vancouver”

Please take a look at the following link to an article on the CBC website


Read the article and browse through the gallery at the top of the page.  You will find that each picture comes with a short quote from the “human” featured in the picture.  After you’ve spent some time browsing through the short stories, answer ONE of the following questions:

1. What purpose do you think this kind of journalism serves?  What does this tell you about the residents of Vancouver?


2.  If you were approached by these students, what short autobiographical story would you share with them that describes your relationship with the city?  Perhaps an experience, a memory, a connection…?


  1. doctor pineapple

    #2 If one of them were to approach me I would talk about my connection with the city, particularly the landscape and the environment of Vancouver. The environment you grow up with can have a lasting affect on you for the rest of your life, with Vancouver you remember things like the ocean, the forests, the rain and my personal favourite the mountains. As opposed to if you grew up in Saskatchewan where it’s the fields and the cold and the farmland. The actual geography and environment of where you grow up will always have an affect on the type of person you are and will be…

  2. petrinied4000

    #1 I think that this is a really interesting idea. I never thought of anything like it before. Some of the things that the residents of Vancouver said were really personal. I hope they knew that what they said would go on the internet. They are right, everyone has an interesting story. If everyone wrote their own autobiography they would probably be best sellers because people’s stories are worth hearing.

    • dickensdiv16

      What an interesting observation, petrinied, it’s true that we tend to hear or read about really exceptional life stories, but at the end of the day, every day people have exceptional lives too, and it’s just up to us to ask!

  3. who gets money

    The purpose of this kind of journalism is to connect people through experience. You learn who is in Vancouver, and you learn that there are many different types of people in Vancouver. For example, Craig Keilberger lives in Vancouver, which I never knew. It tells you that people move around a lot more than you think, and the city is more diverse because of it. Canada in general is usually accepting of people, so it makes sense that many different people come to Vancouver. This is what this kind of journalism shows.

  4. Scarletcat

    #1 I think that the “humans of Vancouver” is a cool way to get connected with our community and city. I find it interesting to learn about other peoples stories, because everyone has a story that deserves to be told.I think that the purpose of this journalism makes us aware of other people and mutual problems that effect a lot of people in our city and enviorment. I think that we learn more and more about people every day, and this is a way to do that outside of the box.I love,love,love humans of New York ,so I’m glad that a version of it came to Vancouver!

  5. coolschoolscout

    #1 I absolutely agree with the students. I think that the students expressed their emotions in this process and showed a ton. I think it would be a great idea to write your own autobiography because no one in Vancouver has had the same day to day lifetime and even in other places to. It would be a great idea if they organized event where we try to recall memories from our past life. It would be a great risk though because we could possibly reveal personal information like the students did as shown in the article.

  6. Cheeseman ABC123

    #1 My first impression when I read it was that I had no idea why it was news, I didn’t understand some of it and it seemed a bit weird. Some of the pictures didn’t make much sense to me (the guy in cooking who blew a fuse – what was he doing now, it didn’t say).
    The purpose that this kind of journalism serves is to get people aware of what other people do. It might seem interesting and entertaining to different people. I think that it wants to educate people who don’t know about it.
    I think that it tells the people of Vancouver that some people can do some pretty weird things.. They are probably also trying to tell people that it might be weird but they don’t stop what they love if they don’t do it right the first time. I think its a good reason to do something weird or not. People enjoy living in Vancouver and the city is made up all different people who like to do different things.

  7. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    1. I think that the “Human of Vancouver” is a cool way to get to know other people and keep it like a community and city. It is like a really interesting stories that has been reviewed. I would thank the “human of Vancouver” for coming out because it is a great way to know a out stanger and then become friends with them.📰📰📰📰📬

  8. Ginger

    If the one of the two girls came up to me I probably tell them about my favourite place to go people watching. People watching is where you go to a really busy place and look at people passing you, what are they wearing, who are they with, what are they doing. After you consider all of those things pick a suitable name and job for there apierince. Then you just go on to the next person. My favourite place to go people watching is at Grandvill Island rite across from the main market.

  9. balloongirl123

    #1 I found this interesting. The people in this article have revealed some personal things while also trying to connect to the community. This shows the experience of what other people do in their daily lives and how different it might be from yours.

  10. cheese curds

    What it tells me is that these people are all different – so………… so so different, but they all have one thing in common. They’re proud of their city. People are very interested in this kind of journalism because we did a report a few weeks ago about Malala, and they was a picture of her. It said “a picture is worth 1000 words.” That goes for this too because there are pictures of people with quotes of what they said. The picture is the thing that first catches your attention. In this article, there is a picture of a woman dressed like a peacock. This catches our attention.

  11. Ginger

    If one of the two girls came up to me I would probably tell her about my favourite place to go people watching. People watching is when you go to a really busy place and look at people passing you, what are they wearing, who are they with, what are they doing. After you consider all of those things pick a suitable name and job for their appearance. Then you just go on to the next person. My favourite place to go people watching is at Granville Island right across from the main market.

  12. jr.fruitcake

    #1 I think the purpose this sort of journalism serves is to publicly open up that what ever sort of people we see on the street every day are human beings, they have feelings emotions and most importantly stories. How did they come to be in their situation? Is there something they did causing them [for good or bad] to be on their current situation? It tells us a lot about the residents of Vancouver and about their choices and commitments. It shows people about how hard and or easy other humans life’s are.

  13. reader

    2) If the students approached me I would talk about my connection to the city. When it’s sunny I love the city because you see everyone out side, and that makes me feel like I want to go outside and have some fun. In Vancouver the weather is so changeable we never know what the next day will be like.

  14. NerdDurtle

    #1 What purpose that serves is that you can think of great ideas any place you go or around you and the world. It tells that many people have different stories in their lives or different backgrounds and new things that people tried. Also it tells that people faced different things in life.

  15. lightningboy123

    #1 The purpose of Journalism is that people can see what people are doing in their everyday lives, people have different backgrounds.

  16. The awesomest

    #1.I think this kind of journalism tells you about how unique people are and how everyone has a different story.This tells me that the people of Vancouver are all unique and every one is willing to tell their own story.

  17. purplegiraffe47

    #2 If students came up to me and asked me I would talk about how privileged me and my family is and about my favorite places in vancouver ( Granville Island, the pool, public library and Aquarium )

  18. Subway2go

    #1 Since I visited to California, I have noticed how green Vancouver is. In California on a hot summer day, you notice when you go to a park that there is usually no green grass because of the heat. Vancouver has really made a big impact on the way I grew up. If I grew up in Prince George like my Dad’s family, I would likely be working on a farm. If I was born in California where my Mom lived for a bit and where all her cousins live, I would likely be living in a comfortable mansion that I would have been growing up in { because the real estate is cheaper there } but it wouldn’t be the same as Vancouver. I would say to the students, I would not like to grow up anywhere else than Vancouver.


    #1i think the purpose of this journalism is for people to understand other peoples life’s and it tells you that the residents in Vancouver it tells you that they make mistakes in life and what things they to do, things that show who they are inside and things they respect in life

  20. Aldwyn 2000

    #1 I think that the journalism’s purposes are to inspire others about what the vancouver citizens who share their ideas to the public really think about the world as their passions for it. It is important that every-ones voice about the world as well as their story.those are my reasons.

  21. PointyHedgeHog11

    I think it is a really good thing becouse it shows how unique and diverse vancouver a population is and it shows people’s story’s . I saw a comment on the CBC website saying that the person had seen the man who was painting on the street and was happy that they leaernd his story . It is a great thing that these girls have started.

  22. cool sketcher

    1. This journalism serves “connecting” in other words it brings people together. That told me the residents of vancouver have a lot of character and imagination.

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