Winter Break Assignment #1

Here’s something fun for you! Hope your holidays are going well so far!

Please look at the houses on this website:

Please think about and describe a unique house you would like to see.

A couple of criteria:

1. Make sure you describe your house using at least three examples of how your house would look

2. Ensure you consider the climate in Vancouver and please think about what materials you would use to build the home

3. Why this house?


  1. Scarletcat

    If I were to have a unique house it would be a boxcar house,I would have three connected boxcars for three different rooms. I would have the outside of the boxcars painted multicoloured,the boxcars are made of steel ,so I would coat them with waterproof paint so they don’t rust. One of the boxcar rooms would have bunkbeds against the wall and a huge bookshelf ,it would also have a ladder and an opening in the roof so you could sit on top of the boxcar when its sunny.Another room would have a kitchen and power outlets connected from neighbouring houses,this room would also have striped beanbag chairs.The last room would have a bathroom with tile floors and magenta walls.I would need lots of waterproof paint and tiles in order to use in the renovation. I would also need some tools and wood to build the bookshelf.I would want to live in this house so I could travel around in it and so that I would be reusing an old forgotten thing.

    • dickensdiv16

      Wow, Scarletcat, I love how you embraced the idea of reusing materials, and also that you included your decor ideas as well! This sounds wonderful, especially the rooftop patio. How would you keep warm in the winter?

  2. doctor pineapple

    If I could find any unique house to live in it would probably be a trampoline house. The walls the floors everything would be a trampoline. I wouldn’t have the outside made of trampoline though because then it would be easily damaged but the inside would be completely covered. The reason I would do this is because it would make your every day life so much more fun! You could bounce any where you needed to be and in less time, you wouldn’t even need stairs! It would mostly be long hallways and big open rooms inside with not much furniture or extra items because you don’t want people crashing into things! There would probably be lots of big windows so it would stay well lit inside, I would also consider making different rooms or trampolines different colours just to keep things bright and interesting. There would also be lots of protection on the inside and outside to keep water from leaking through because you don’t want wet slippery floors in your house. So overall it would probably make for quite an expensive project what with the current Vancouver real estate and all the trampolines. It also might not exactly be the safest house either but it would be a really awesome place to live. Happy holidays!

      • doctor pineapple

        I might share it with people I know but I would’t really want random strangers coming in and bouncing around in my house. Maybe I would have another one for public use or I could rent it out to anyone that may want to use it. I think a lot of people would have fun with a public trampoline house!

  3. The awesomest

    I would like to live in a house on wheels.It would just be a normal house but it would have wheels.My house would be small like a cottage but it would still be like a normal house.My home would be made of wood and it would have insulation so my house would be warm in the winter.I want a house with wheels so I can go wherever I want and not have to leave my house.

  4. Subway2go

    My house would be a super modern house with an indoor soccer field, a trampoline room where you can jump in from a hole in the roof, a table whose top slides open and turns into a pool table, a backyard cinema, a table fire pit, a walk in pool and another pool located where the balcony would be.It wouldn’t be the cheapest or the best for the environment… but it would awesome (ps: I was planning for this dream house to be in Hawaii anyways…) The house would made of wood, marble, and glass with many other materials. I would choose this house because I feel that all those special details describe my tastes. I would love to own this house because it would be an awesome place to live.

    • doctor pineapple

      This place sounds awesome yet really expensive. It sounds a lot like the “island dream house” you always talk about would those two possibly be connected or is this different at all?

      • Subway2go

        It is the same house that I talk about. I was just giving an example as what my dream house would look like. I have added a few details to it to make it a lot more relaxing. Nevertheless it is mostly the same house and I would really like to live there.

  5. cheese curds

    I wold like to see a house that’s super futuristic on the out side but normal on the inside the outside wold be made out of granit and the inside wood why I like this house is because its 2 tipse of houses put to 1!!!

  6. coolschoolscout

    I would like a house that has a special type of transport using slides and boost pads to move around. I would have a nice kitchen with types of different materials to make the counter top, like maybe quartz or steel. I would have an area for comfort, completed with furniture, a fire place and a view of greenery. I would have polished wood for the floors and a rec room in the basement. It might be a little expensive to get the house built, because there would be a full field in the backyard for sports and parties, a trail for biking, and there would be an amazing patio in the back. It would probably be built in North Vancouver, as there is lots of space, but remember this is all imaginary! I would choose this house because it would be great for having friends over, and there would be a nice scent of mountain in the air, and there would be a lake close by to swim or canoe in.

  7. Ginger

    If I were to have a unique house it would be an egg shaped house that had a little egg carton-like base to it. It would have a wooden door and a large spiral staircase that goes to 3 different floors. The first floor would have a kitchen, with cabinets to hold food and all normal kitchen appliances such as sink, stove and oven, egg shaped fridge, dishwasher and a microwave. On the other side of the first floor there would be a living room with a big TV and lots of chairs and a big egg-shaped sofa. It would also have a fireplace and many orchids. The second floor would have two bunk beds and a big bathroom and the third floor would be an “anything you want” room where you could do whatever you wanted, such as an art room with a painting station or you could make it into a personal gym with basketball hoops and yoga mats. The house would be made out of flexible industrial metal, lots of insulation and waterproof eggshell coloured paint. I chose this house because it would challenge the contractors and it would show visitors that Vancouver is a very unique place.

  8. Cheeseman ABC123

    If I were to have a unique house it would be ball shaped with a soccer shoe about to kick it so it would hold it .I would have a wooden arch door and the stairs would be coming out the wall it would have two floors. The main floor would have a kitchen on one side and a living room on the other with two round couches, two round chairs and a big TV. On the second floor I would have a soccer field ,a pool a few chess boards and a bunch of wood for carving my house would be made out of wood and flexible material so if I felt bored I could carve the walls or carve stuff into the walls. I would live in front of a mountain so my back yard is the mountain.I would love to live in this house because every day would be the best day of my life.

  9. petrinied4000

    I would really like to see the water tower that was turned into a house. I think it is really neat that the biggest room in at the top and there are many floors. I also like the idea of mixing modern and old architecture because it gives a rustic but clean look. I wouldn’t want to live in it though, because it could be inconvenient at times. For example, if there was a plumbing problem there wouldn’t be a lot of space to work and the plumber would have to lug all his equipment up the stairs.

  10. PointyHedgehog11

    My house would be like a Venn diagram because it would have lots of intersecting circles .On the first floor there would be a living room with a tropical fish tank instead of a TV .The furniture would be made of recycled fabric and bamboo. It would also have a kitchen with an herb garden built into the wall . On the second floor is the bedroom and bathroom . The bedroom would have a grass-like carpet and a wavy floor . the bathroom’s in the house would have rainwater flushed toilets and pebble floors that are heated . the 3 floor would be a greenhouse where you could grow more tropical plant that don’t normally grow in Vancouver’s climate . it would be heated with steam from the kitchen and bathroom . the back yard would be dedicated to growing vegetables and it would have a fruit tree . the house would be made out of bamboo . i used bamboo because it is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways and it grows like wildfire, making it Eco-friendly . the furniture would be made of reused fabric and the appliances would be powered by solar electricity through solar panels .the windows would be made of broken sea glass making it more colorful . i made this house through inspiration from a school in Bali , Indonesia .A family from are neighborhood moved to Bali and went to the green school. here is a link to the web site : . hope you like my design .

  11. who gets money

    The outside of the house would look like a very well kept lawn, with a mailbox in the middle. The house itself is underground. The style will be very modern with windows looking out at the dirt and compost. A very eco house built as a long corridor with connecting doors. The structure would be made from stainless steel and glass because it would make it look a lot better from the inside, and it wouldn’t rot in Vancouver’s wet climate. Gortex curtains would be used so they don’t get moldy. I chose this house because it is something different that probably hasn’t been done before, and that is how most architects get noticed.

  12. Lightningboy123

    My house is just like a big room with a 2 bed a bathroom and a kitchen becuase I moved to my uncles house I would really like to have a slide for stairs in my house or have a house that looks like a huge rock I would really like that if my house would look like that

  13. balloongirl123

    if i was to build a house I will have a arcade room with some food and a vending machine with toy capsules in side.I also want 1 big bed room for my self and I will put a candy machine a computer some posters and drawings.


    I would life in a tree house and it would be made out of wood and have 2 floors and on each floor there would be 3 rooms and 1 bathroom. I chose a tree house because it would have an amazing view and it would be so awesome to live up in a tree and it would be like my own secret hide out home and the best time of year to live in a tree would be fall or spring because of the blossoms in spring and the wind and the falling leafs in fall

  15. jr.fruitcacke

    If I were to have a unique house it would be made out of old circular piping lined up to make one long cylinder which would be insulated. (they would need to be big and in good condition to keep water out.) In each section there would be a living necessity such as: a sink, stove, bed, fridge, couch, shelving, and cupboards. Each end would be sealed with a few layers of wood, also with insulation. I would choose this house because it would feel nice to sleep in a cylinder. There could also be a porthole in the side.

  16. gigatool2_is_a_girl

    if i had a house 1 would live in a watertower .I would have a round tall house, i like a tall house so i can have a nice view. I would my house made out of, white rock and oak wood.My roof would be a black color and it well be made out of a wood patten. i would like to have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathroom, and 1 gaming room for me and my brother. ❤

  17. reader

    If I were to create a house I would use finished wood for the outside and the house would be four stories high with a rooftop area. Inside there would be a nice tiled kitchen and a huge dinning room with a big chandelier. In one of the bedrooms there would be a queen sized bed and a connected bathroom. In another room there would be a living room with a couch and a TV. In the last room there would be a huge game room area, and on the roof top area there would be a pool with a hot tub.


    if i were to make a unique house i would make my house out of would be at least 2 stories high,the house would be made out of different shades of stone and it would have a big rooftop play area where i could do all sorts of things!the house would be polished daily.the reason i would want a stone house is because i want a house that is pretty and can stand harmful weather and accidents.also because if did any experiments the house would stand because its hard rock stone.

  19. monster meatball

    My house would be an egg shape but inside the walls would be square and the extra round space would be closet area it would be three floors with a spiral staircase in the center the top floor would be the bedroom the bottom floor would be the living room and bathroom and the middle floor would be the kitchen and dining room the reason I chose the egg shape is because rain wold slide right off of it plus you wouldn’t have to worry about roofing and gutters and I also LOVE spiral staircases.

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