Remembrance Day

It was Remembrance Day.  Our school on November 10 is having a big assembly remembering all of the countries’ veterans.  We may have a veteran coming to our school which would be really exciting and interesting. Also a student from Tupper Secondary will be playing the trumpet and playing the Canadian Anthem.  We made poppies with our buddies to decorate the gym with.  We also designed word clouds using a special website called tagxedo.  You can access tagxedo to make your own wordclouds at  Some of us made poems to go with the other decorations.

Division 10’s students are singing a Spanish song and Divisions 8 and 9 are reciting “Flanders Fields”  Joaquin said that he thinks that it is a great time to respect and remember the fallen soldiers. This amazing assembly was led by Division 14.

by xoxo6 04, smeagaleater10 and den10@sea43

Word Clouds

For part of our gym decorations this year we made Word Clouds.  We gave a special website about 20-40 words and a shape then they fill in the shape with words and then we print the sheet.  We used a website called Tagxedo that creates these amazing works of art that we decorated the gym with for Remembrance Day. After Jody printed them each group cut out their shapes and pasted them on to coloured paper to give them a little extra pep.  Each group came up with a thoughtful, unique and interesting topic to inspire them and to act as a theme for their word cloud.  Some themes were: The perspective of a Veteran, a family waiting at home for a loved one during wartimes, watching a loved one make a sacrifice, and a soldier in war.

Word clouds are a great way to express how someone else might feel about a specific situation.  We think that word clouds are a great way to decorate a class and express many different feelings.

Take a look below and comment on what you think!

by xaxo6 04 and Ginger

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