September 12

Dear Divisions 17 and 18,

For your first blog homework assignment, please think about the year stretching ahead of you.  No matter what grade you are in, every school year provides the opportunity for growth, learning, new experiences and friendships.

Expectations are as unique as each of you.  For your blog post, please write a short summary of your top one or two goals for the 2017 / 2018 school year.  Remember that before you click “post”, you’ll check your response for spelling, capitals, and to make sure that you are answering the question as well as writing in full sentences.

Here are a couple of samples, from Tami, Karim and Jody’s goals for the year:

Jody: I’m looking forward to the new experiences of our new class and teacher arrangement.  I’m so pleased that I get to work with two teachers I respect and admire so much.  I’m also really delighted when I look around the classroom and see each of your faces.  My goal this year is to get better at using agendas to keep track of our class events and reminders, and to try to eat a healthy lunch every day.

Tami: I was thrilled to look out and see our new class, your beautiful, bright, happy faces.  I’m so excited to be in this new space with two of my favourite people, Jody and Karim, and all of you.  My goal for this year is to make time to really celebrate what we’re doing well and find creative ways to support our class to embrace a leadership role within our class and school.

Karim: I am thrilled to embark on the wonderful journey this year working with my best friends Tami and Jody and our incredible students.  I value and appreciate each of your unique talents and skills. You amaze me constantly!  My goals for this year is to explore technology and see how we can use it even more in the classroom.

Remember to use your pseudonym when you write!  Have fun!

We look forward to your responses,



  1. ThePlatypusLife

    My goals for this year are to participate more in school events, like doing the P.A. announcements and assemblies. I also want to do some of our class projects with people who I might not usually work with.

  2. Narwhalz

    I am so happy to be back at school again. My goals for this year are to keep my stuff more organized in my binder now that we don’t have ten gazillion duo-tangs. I also want to type faster and always type my projects.

  3. The phantom blade

    My first goal is to be more organised because I was not last year,my next goal is to be a leader\roalmodel because I am older this year and I am not the youngest in the class any more,my final goal is to pay more attention to detail and smaller projects.

  4. mouk

    My goal for this year is to spend time more wisely, and try not to sit always with the same people. And participate in even more activities like: morning announcements and assemblies. :p

  5. Day Dreamer

    One of my goals for this year is to volunteer more in the class, to put stuff away or help someone. My other goal this year is to put my hand up more often to say my opinion.

  6. Awesomeness

    My goals are, I want to learn more this year than last year and I want to be better at spelling so I can write better spelled stories.
    I am really excited to be in all of your class!

  7. Lightning Bolt

    My Goals for this year is to contribute more to class discussions and group sharing. Also, i would also like to challenge myself in projects and choosing people I wouldn’t normally work or sit with.

  8. Blue snowflake

    My goals for this year is to try to finish my homework on time, think carefully when I’m making decisions, and especially try to get along with everyone in the class so we can all enjoy this year together before we graduate.

  9. Caradepito

    My goal for the year is to do everything right and finish all the work I need to do. And also to be very social with everyone, and also make new friends!!

  10. Amythest

    My goal is to challenge myself with sitting with people who I maybe haven’t sat with before or at recess and lunch try hanging out with some new people.

  11. BananA

    My goals for this year are to participate more in school activitys like P.A announcements and to keep my desk much more tidy.

  12. Mystery

    As I kick of into grade five,I find that there are some critical goals that I consider that are going to benefit me in the future. I have learnt a limited amount of French,but I think it is important because I will need French later on in life,like high school and interactions with others. In science I need to expand my knowledge till university and beyond because when I am older I will become a pedatrician to help young kids

  13. Magicalnesses

    I am looking forward to the school year. My goals for this year are to make friends with some new people and to just try new things in general. Another goal is for me to stay more organized… trust me you don’t want to see my messy desk.

  14. Snort

    My goal this year is to take leadership not only in the class but also around the school by participating in student council and in basketball. Also, another goal I have is to challenge myself And push myself to learn new and difficult concepts in order to expand my knowledge. Lastly, I would like to be able to contribute more in class discussions and not be shy to share my thoughts.

  15. Arty-choke

    I am so excited for how this year is to turn out! So far I’ve had a fantastic time meeting some new people and connecting again with older ones. This year I hope to accomplish many amazing things. A couple of them that I know I would want to accomplish are, Working as hard as I possibly can on focusing on my work at all times and Being kind and thoughtful to any newer kids in the class. I look forward to all the new things to happen this year at school and I hope that everyone else is to.

  16. Lam

    I am very excited about the new class arrangement, my two goals for me this year are: Number one share more ideas with the class. Number two: Don’t have side conversations when any of the teachers are speaking.

  17. Crum

    I am very excited about this school year and all the new kids. my goal this year is to be a good role model and take leadership. I also want to work on my habit of procrastinating. My final goal is to be more organized and try not to lose my agenda!!!

  18. hippodude2005

    My goals are two make new friends and make it so the studies I have trouble with will be the ones I try my hardest at.

  19. The Baconator

    Some of my goals for this year are sharing my opinion more in class discussions. I feel that I have not been speaking as much on the carpet so I am going to try to be more vocal. I also want to try to be more organized with my work and writing. I think that if I do this I will be way more pleased with my work.

  20. ChickenGod

    My goal for this year is to get better using my time wisely instead of procrastinating to the last minute and make new friends.

  21. electroe05

    For my final year in Dickens I have some critical goals I would like to complete.The first one was including friendship. I would like to reach out to some new people and try to make new friendships as well as my current ones. I would also like to use some of my time more efficiently to help to get more work done in class.

  22. Do it for da Hwin

    My main goals for this year are to do more volunteer work and try to maximize my abilities to exceed expectations in art.(The name art) I hope to make new friends and to have great relationships with all my teachers!

  23. bow tie 12

    Am excited of this year and to see what it brings! For this school year I would like to use my agenda more and keep up with all the dates! I would also like to work on typing. In math I would like to try to memorize different formulas or patterns!

  24. Snapshot1178

    My goal this year is to stay organized in and out of school and to be on top of managing my time. This will help me tern in things on time and be able to find materials easier.

  25. White_heart

    My goal this year is to answer more questions and speak more louder. And I also need to listen more in math cause last year was not so good I also need to make more friends and need to work more harder but anyway I’m looking forward to this year!!!

  26. Naruto Shippuden fan boy 1769

    I’m looking forward to this class, especially all of the wonderful new kids and opportunities, but my goals are to raise up my hand more and answer many questions like math etc. I also want to hand in my assignments early, which includes doing the best of my capabilities at projects/work.

  27. Spirit Heart

    I also have 2 more goals for this year.And those goals are…to work on my typing,and I also wanted to work on spelling and grammar.

  28. Hockeyx15

    This year I would like to work on my hand writing and spelling. I would like to write neater and add more detail and be careful with editing.

  29. domoking101

    this year I would like to improve on bringing my homework on time and not leaving it to the last minute
    I would also like to be a little more interactive with people and not always listen to music

  30. 008RayRay800

    Im really glad that I’m in this awesome class. My goals for the year are to participate more enthusiastically in gym and to work on having neater printing.

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