September 12

Dear Division 16,

Welcome to the first blog homework assignment of the 2016-2017 school year! I’m so excited to see what opinions, perspectives and ideas you’ll post here throughout the year!

Here is an article I found on  Please read this article and then answer the question below. Remember to use full sentences and check back to make sure you have answered the question.  Remember to use your pseudonym!

By Clay Dillow March 1, 2010


RKS Redesigned Hot Dog, Rendered

According to both common sense and the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are two truths about hot dogs which neither science nor industry can afford to ignore: kids love hot dogs, and hot dogs are the perfect size and shape for a child to choke on. To wit: “If you were to take the best engineers in the world and asked them to design a perfect plug for a child’s airway, you couldn’t do better than a hot dog,” one AAP doctor said.

As such, the hot dog is in need of a redesign. So the folks at Fast Company took a look at California design house RKS’s quest to cook up a completely rethought hot dog, and they did it using a design tool that is decidedly child-approved: the Play-Doh Fun Factory.

The team started with a blank slate but eventually decided that – in a tip of their hats to tradition – they wouldn’t radically alter the hot dog’s essence; a meat product, packaged with a bun, that more or less serves as a vehicle to get otherwise unmanageable condiments from plate to mouth.

Sketching Out the Future of Food

After experimenting with hollowed-out dogs, dogs with grooves cut into the sides and even some wieners resembling the more complicated organelles of a living cell, they finally settled on the design below.


RKS’s Favorite Design (With Condiments)

In the “Leave a Reply” box below, please post your response to this question:

*What other everyday object do you think scientists should redesign and why?*

The author of this article has explained a problem with the current shape of hot dogs and why their shape should be changed. 

If I were to respond to this post, I might say:

“I would like scientists to develop a compost bin that has a drain in the bottom where the liquid can be drained off.  I live in an apartment and when I transfer the compost from the bucket in my house to newspaper or a paper bag to take it downstairs, the liquid can make it soggy. If there was a way to separate the liquid, I’d have fewer messes or accidents!”

I look forward to your responses!




  1. Duncan

    I would like to redesign a door mat that would have the ability to wash and dry animal feet. This is an important redesign because my dog always tracks a tonne of mud in the house, and I would like to spend less time cleaning. It is especially important in a city as rainy as Vancouver!

    • lordofthepies05

      I think that they should redesign soccer cleats. My people, such as myself, my dad, a few of my friends have very wide feet. Cleats are usually very narrow, making it so we have to either: take a lot of time (and money) buying cleats that fit our feet or stuffing our feet into cleats making it extremely uncomfortable. I think that we should invent a certain type of cleat that is wider, yet still works better in soccer than a normal pair of shoes.

      I also think that people should invent a stronger type of shopping bag. Ever carried a shopping bag to the car a have all your stuff fall out because it was to heavy? Well, it sucks. They need to made a shopping bag that is more durable so that all the food won’t spew out before you reach the place you are heading.


      • dickensdiv16

        These are two very good ideas. I think it’s very important for athletic equipment to fit properly, especially if we hope to minimize injuries and encourage participation! And yes, that has happened to me with the shopping bag. Even cloth bags are sometimes not reliable enough!

      • Pink Pickle

        I definitely agree with you Lordofthepies05 for I also have very wide feet and find it very frustrating having my soccer cleats on for long periods of time especially if their brand new.

  2. Xaxo045

    I think that window blinds should be redesigned because sometimes to get the blind closed or opened can be a hassle so if there were buttons that were easily acessible to reach it would make my life a lot easier

  3. Arcticfox

    I have chickens and during winter they get really cold and their water freezes every day I would like sintists to come up with a new version of a chicken coop to keep my chickens warm. Also to stop their water from freezing and Turing into ice! Even though chickens have feathers it doesn’t mean they are always warm.

  4. Sushi Monster

    If I could redesign anything in the world I would probably redesign a Zamboni. Whenever I get on the ice rink to warm up there’s always really big pools of water and big bumps everywhere. This makes it hard to skate and shoot pucks. For the first few minutes of warm up, I often have troubles skating and shooting so I would like to redesign Zambonis to dry the ice and to smoothen bumps.

  5. Amythest

    I would like to redesign a pencil. A pencil is just one single thing, a pencil not really anything special, so this is my idea to make it easier as an everyday use. I would make a pencil have a built-in highlighter, pen, eraser, and glue. The eraser and glue would both be on the end of the pencil. It would be a normal pencil except the highlighter and pen would be like an plus sign, so pencil in the middle, highlighter and pen would be on the right and left and the eraser and glue would be on the end of the pencil. I was also think that so the highlighter and pen wouldn’t be in the way they could be foldable, so you could fold them down with the eraser and glue. The eraser and glue would be half and half there would also be a cap for the glue, there wouldn’t really be a lot of glue but you could use it if you really needed a bit of glue. I think this is a good idea because then instead of having a pencil and everything all scattered you would just have one thing to carry around. This would also be helpful with a pencil crayon, it would probably be a really big firework shape, with lots of colours and shades.

  6. grass

    What I would redesign is different kinds of hammocks because some hammocks are really dangerous because sometimes the trees might ca laps on you which is not fun.

  7. sparkle sloth

    I think if I could redesign anything it would be packaging for example,everyone likes candy and the best kinds mostly have the most packaging so its bad for the environment . maybe we could make wrappers and things like that out of stuff that is good for the earth like there is such thing as clear plastic made out of corn.


    One thing scientists could redesign to make chairs more convenient, is tiny wheels on the bottom of classroom chairs because it would make them easier to move in all degrees. Also some teachers get upset because the flat, metal bottoms of the chairs make a loud interrupting screech that makes classrooms even more noisier than they already are. A problem that the chairs could produce if the change is made, could be that students might zoom around the class room on them.

    • dickensdiv16

      I think I know where the inspiration for this came from! You’re right, the noise from chairs (especially during read aloud) can be an issue, and your solution might help make working in partners or groups easier!

  9. the engineer

    Airplanes don’t give passengers much space to move around. On a long flight some people stay seated for over twelve hours. I think scientists should invent an airplane that goes the same speed as normal planes but you can walk around on a deck like a cruise ship. These airships would be a great improvement and it would make a lot more people want to fly.

  10. crazymemeslol123

    What I would like to re design pillows so they don’t have to be so hard so I would like to add a pillow fluffer to all pillows so no one can have a hard time sleeping on hard pillows that are twisted and unfluffed its so annoying so that’s what I want the scientists to create in the future age of at least at 2018 or so.

  11. the Time traveler

    What bugs me about garbage is that when you throw something in it, eventually you will have to go put it in a bigger bin, and that will go off to the dump. Most of the ways people get rid of garbage these days are bad for the environment. I thought the way you could modify the garbage can is if you tossed a piece of paper into the garbage, the garbage would disintegrate. This way you would never have to empty your garbage again.

  12. smeagaleater10

    The everyday object I would like scientists to redesign are toothbrushes. I know toothbrushes are fine the way they are but there is room for improvement. For example, if you have a smart phone, there could be a connection between the toothbrush and it that would create reminders if you forgot to brush. Or It could signal you if you missed a spot. If you had dental appliances it could remind you to brush or floss that too. If companies were to sell toothbrushes with those perks and more I’m sure that it would very expensive. If I was in charge of the pricing I would make it so that the lower middle class people could afford it. Why do I think a redesigned toothbrush is a good idea? Because of two reasons:
    1. It would make dentist’s jobs easier.
    2. It would remind people of their oral responsibilities so they can have healthier teeth.

  13. French waffles

    Well I think pajama should be redesigned often cause you often were it in winter unless if your in my family. So the pjs fabrics are often made from wool and long sleeves and pants so if you were it in summer it would be so SO hot. More like a cool type of fabric like ones that would be the opposite of the weather like for example it would be winter so the pjs would be hot and in summer the pjs should be cold maybe with clothes too so it should be called opposite clothes!!!

  14. Flying Mandarin

    When the weathers gets hot, the Popsicle melts quickly and drips on to your hand. They need to make a holder to cach the falling juice.

  15. purple pom-poms

    I think scientists could improve fish tanks by putting in automatic lights that would turn on in the day and go out at night. Another idea is to have a sensor for your tank that scans the tank then an inner-sponge cleans it. A nice clean tank makes your fish happy and if your fish are happy, then the fish-owners are happy 🙂

  16. Pink Pickle

    I think we should redesign earphones because I have a much different taste in music than my mom (I like the songs she likes but she doesn’t like the songs I like if that makes sense) and whenever I have my earbuds in my head listening to music (in the car, reading, watching a youtube vid ect) she can actually hear what I’m listening to because the sound is faintly audible, and since she doesn’t like the kind of music I like, it annoys her, so if I could redesign earphones I would make them with less ambient sound so people around me won’t get so annoyed by my weird taste in music. :p

  17. Kreator16

    I would like to redesign tables. Almost everyday I bump my legs and my hips into the tables at school and the coffee table at home. Because tables have sharp corners I end up scratching my legs and getting bruises everywhere. If scientists redesigned tables to be rounder or to be holographic when not in use, it would help me and many other victims who have had to dealt with the struggle of tables.

  18. S.P.E.W

    I would like to redesign backpacks. I think that because when your carrying a lot of heavy and odd shaped things they can really hurt your back and poke you in weird places and make it really uncomfortable when your walking, especially when your walking long distances. I think that they should put padding or memory foam on the outside of the backpack so that when you have heavy and odd shaped things I won’t hurt you.

  19. supercheesecake

    I would like scientists to redesign ice cream or posicle. Like Flying Mandarin said in summer sometimes ice cream and posicles just melts and drips on your hand. But instead of adding a holder to hold the juices, I think the scientists should make ice cream and popsicles melt slower or even never melt but keep the coldness of them .

  20. Touchdown

    One thing that I think should be redesigned is water bottles. Because I know from experience that when for example you are in a car and the car stops while you are drinking and the water spills all over you and you are super wet! So I think that maybe if they made the hole a little smaller then what the normal sized bottle is then that would be great. Also if there was some sort of straw that would also make it better because it will make it easier to drink if you are out on a run or something.

  21. AppleJuice-Injury 123ABC

    i would really like scientists to redesign couches because at home i am always stubbing my toes so if there was a couch that still had legs but there was no possible way to stub your toes on them then I could avoid having less owwws!

  22. The Baconator

    If I had to pick something to redesign I would chose the backpack. I think that if backpacks had large velcro straps around your waist and under the armpits rather than over the shoulder they would be better for running, hiking and biking.

  23. SKOULE

    I would love to redesign Fridges. Just please! Why would there be so many box’s in a fridge? I mean there’s one-two free long spaces for stuff, but I hate having so many box’s. Also, we don’t need box’s in the fridge when we have plenty of space. I would like to redesign the fridge this way: there would be 2 parts to this. The top body,
    And the bottom freezer, there will be 2 box’s for the body and 1 box for the freezer. The bottom freezer is meant to hold ice. I would also love a few cup holders. I also think this a good idea cause the box’s have broken cause of the bad mineral. Also, a Strong Fridge.

  24. The Random Student

    I would like to redesign buses that would have sort of a tunnel on the bottom of the bus so that cars can get thru it when the cars are maybe faster,or the bus is. Then the actual bus part would be on top of the tunnel and it will be the whole road wide. And the sides would have a ramp leading to both sides so you can get on and off. If there’s a tunnel on the bottom half then when it stops at the bus stops, cars can park on the sides so there would be more space for parking. I think this is important because people would normally drive around a long time for parking and likely you would park very far away from where you really have to go.

  25. Joaquin

    I think that scientist should re-design chargers for phones so that they do not break that easily.They should be made of a stronger material so that they will last longer because people are spending lots of money on buying the phone so the charger should at least last for a long time.

  26. Spamlington

    If I could change something that I think could be better, I would change wifi. Don’t get me wrong, wifi is great, it’s just when it doesn’t work that I think it could be better. When I’m watching YouTube or doing a blog post such as this and it doesn’t work, I can get frustrated.

  27. GamingPickle84

    I think scientist should redesign a pencil that has a stronger tip so t couldn’t break so easily because whenever I sharpen my pencil as soon as it touches paper it breaks so i would make it would be to put some metal in the graphite while its still a liquid.

  28. beef chop

    I think scientists should redesign cars so that they don’t create more pollution because we have it all ready but it’s to expensive for ordinary people to use.

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