September 19, 2016

Dear Division 16,

If you were in the city this summer, you will likely have heard of the mural festival.  You can read about it and see some images at the link below.  It is a celebration of street art that happened in August around Main Street and downtown, where many large murals were painted on buildings.

Please read the article below and then answer ONE of the following questions in your post:

  1. Do you support the idea of murals in public spaces in Vancouver?  Explain why or why not?
  2. Describe another example of public art that you have seen around Vancouver and how it makes you feel

Please make sure it’s clear which question you are answering.

I look forward to your responses,



  1. Touchdown

    I really like the idea of a mural or public art festival because I think it is a way of making a bigger and stronger community in the area and all around Vancouver. Also I think that crazy unique murals is a lot more interesting then just a normal Portit of some random person in an art gallery that you need to pay for by some sort of famous artest in Italy. Also just bring it back to the point of the murals being free to see. I think that just having free art that is on the street is a lot better then In an art gallery where you have to pay $30 to enter.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great response, Touchdown! I like how you chose to comment not only on the existence of the murals but also on the style of the artwork. Thank you for your very thoughtful comments about art that is free for everyone to enjoy.

  2. sparkle sloth

    1. I think its a good idea to put these murals up because it can be really meaning full to people. it is also a great way to express yourself and feel part of the community.

  3. french waffles

    I think the wall mural is really unique and cool it sorta make the city more bolder like before its like nah and after its like wow really sweet I mostly like the 4 or 5 one I forgot. but there all like a gigantic piece of art its like an outdoor museum they look like the people put a lot of effort into it I might wanna do one one day cause I like to paint and do any type of art.

  4. GamingPickle84

    .1 I think that having murals in a community is very important because it allows people to see things while walking to work or it is nice when you look out a window and see some beautiful art. and things like murals are very memorable so if you are lost you could find your way home using murals.

  5. The Baconator

    I think that it is great to have murals around the city because it adds a lot of colour to the city and gives people a chance to do what they love and to have it seen by the city. The only problem I have with this is that people might take it as a chance to vandalize and write offensive things on buildings.

  6. Sushi Monster

    I really like the idea of a mural festival. I think it’s a great way for people to express there passions. Also you can send a message to other people not by words but by art. I think it also brings joy to people and brightens up your community. Plus its a great thing for tourists to see because were Vancouver were creative.I also think that’s its a good way to express your gift in art.

  7. Arcticfox

    I love these amazing murals in the space of and all around vancouver. I think I’ve actually seen a few of them before but probably only 2. I have seen some other murals no exactly like these witch I sometimes see downtown in Vancouver. I love them! I just think it’s so awesome that people around Vancouver are taking time time away from work and all. To make the city a better place! I really enjoy looking at them and I remember to take time to appreciate all the time and hard work someone put into this master piece.

  8. Amythest

    1. I 100% support having beautiful, colourful and creative art murals in our community. It can cheer someone up, seeing all of the colour and creativity. I think it could also inspire someone to paint or what to paint. Not everyone goes to museums to see beautiful pieces of art, but everyone walks and can see what an artist can do, so it’s a way for artists to really feel confident about their work and everyone seeing their work.


    1. I think public murals are really neat because they can send messages like the one on the drive because it is encouraging people to protest which is politically smart. I also support the idea of public murals because it means people are really enjoying city beautification and also the tennis back board at Robson park is painted nicely so hitting against the wall is way more fun.

  10. lordofthepies05


    I really like the idea of of a mural festival in Vancouver. As long as they are leagal and not vandalism. I find that murals make the world more colourful and not as dull. Also, they are a great opportunity for artists to express themselves through the painting.

  11. crazymemeslol123

    #1 I think it’s a great thing to continue naturally every year so Vancouver or other city’s of Canada should do this to to make art everywhere so everyone can see how beautiful it is to see because most of our buildings in Vancouver have not much art and creativity on them like most cafe areas are mostly just plain like white paint or black paint just something you expect but if people paint stuff like this in all of Vancouver I don’t think you need to see art galleries because it’s it probably would cost a lot for just see very nice paintings on walls and some of them are very famous but you don’t have to spend money when creatively is everywhere if you see paintings it’s art just like drawing a rainbow or a man with rainbows around him just an image or colours anything that isn’t plain is art.

  12. supercheesecake

    I absolutely support the idea of mural in Vancouver city because some of the alleys in Vancouver are just dark and creepy. People won’t want to get in there. But what the mural did was it made the whole alley just bright and peaceful so people will want to go in there, explore the murals. And the alleys will no longer be dark and creepy.

  13. the Time traveler

    I think murals in the city are a really good idea because some murals also have a statement or something important to say. Even sometimes they are political murals. A lot of the murals focused on things like community and groups of people working together. Another thing is that the murals make crappy buildings into happy buildings. When people see the buildings, they look bright and beautiful instead of scary and dark. These old buildings weren’t being taken care of and loved, and now these old buildings looked cared for and loved. This makes me happy.

  14. purple pom-poms

    I chose question #1 and I believe that it is wonderful that people painted murals in public places in Vancouver. I think that the murals make the city more creative looking and colourful, for example if you’re feeling down and you walk past one of the murals it makes you happy because you realize how hard it must have been to paint them and the painters still did it. So I think if people put in more bright and colourful things in Vancouver, then our city will be known as the creative city. I also think it is very important how the painters made the murals big and bold and most of them not too complicated and detailed then people will understand them more and appreciate them more.

  15. Kreator16

    Mural festival blog post

    2. Another type of public art I’ve seen is graffiti, Especially around downtown. I see graffiti everywhere. It makes me feel curious. The art shows me that someone made it, but I don’t know who. I wonder who these people are. Why they chose the names they have chosen for themselves. It makes me feel happy that people get to express themselves through this way of public art, but I wonder how other people, per say the people who own properties that get tagged on, feel. I bet they feel angry that someone ruined their property

    What I hate: seeing art being covered up. Yes, sometimes it’s in violated property and it must be covered up, but its still art. It breaks my heart to see a piece of graffiti get covered up. Imagine how the artist must feel.

    I grew up seeing graffiti around and it’s pretty cool to see what other people make. Graffiti is really expressive so it’s interesting to see what other people think about the world and how they see it. I hope a solution comes soon for graffiti artists so they can make art without being fined, punished, or having their art covered up.

  16. S.P.E.W

    1. I think that it is very important to have murals in Vancouver because it brightens up the city way more then just having boring and bland black and grey walls. Instead there is colour. The murals make Vancouver look like it is a happy place instead of a sad and lonely place where it only rains and never has any sunshine. When I was younger there was this mural that was on the side of this restaurant that I used to go to. The mural ,k.was of a hallway with red carpet and pillars with horses and knights. One day when I was walking past with my family I noticed some graffiti. At the time I thought that someone would come and fix it but no one did so they just painted over the very pretty mural and made it boring grey.

  17. AppleJuice-Injury 123ABC

    #2 I have seen yarn bombing and yarn bombing for people who don’t know what it is, it is wool,yarn or string that you knit,weave or sew and you would do it around any object like these.For me it makes me feel warm,safe and I think it makes the place around it look more comforting.You are also able to express yourself in many different ways depending on which object you are yarn bombing.

  18. smeagaleater10

    1# Yes, I support the idea of murals in public areas of Vancouver. I support the idea,for mostly one reason, it encourages people. Here is an example: If you wake up and you really don’t want to go to school or work but then you see a great beautiful, sprawling, freshly painted mural, you may think “If just one person can make a difference by beautifying a building and brightening a community, then I can make a difference by going to school and learning skills to make the world a better place”.

  19. the engineer

    I think mural art is a very interesting thing. So yes, I do support mural art. The reason I support it is because it is beautiful and as long as people have a permit and it is appropriate art why not. Another kind of art I see around town is graffiti. I have mixed feelings for graffiti because it is illegal but sometimes it can be nice.

  20. Joaquin

    #1 I do support the idea of murals in public spaces because it can transform an area that is old or run down into something that is vibrant and alive. I think it can even change the community by attracting more people to the area. I know someone that does murals for the city and when I see his work I feel like they tell a story. Here is a link to his website, I think you would enjoy some of his work. .

  21. The Random Student

    1.I think it’s a good idea to put murals up, because they can be really meaningful for people, and it also makes Vancouver more colorful

  22. beef chop

    I think putting morals in public spaces is a good idea because it’s nice to see art on the wall of buildings when you walk by or drive by.

  23. Xaxo045

    1 I think that murals should be in many public spaces or as much as possible because it seems to really create a city where the municipal government are not afraid to show case the work of the graffiti artists in their city

  24. Spamlington

    #1. I think that murals in public places is a good thing because Vancouver is a city that is made mostly of glass, so there isn’t really much room on big buildings to make them look colourful, so instead we are using smaller, older buildings and walls to express our creativity and it makes the city look so much better.

  25. grass

    1. I think that the mural festival is really interesting because probably a lot of people when they walk throw those beautiful artwork they probably smile that will probably be me when i see it.

  26. Pink Pickle

    another piece of artwork I’ve seen in Vancouver would be street art/graffiti art, I sort f have mixed feelings for this certain type of artwork, I like it when street artists create beautiful pieces of art (like Banksy) or make cool looking graffiti on abandoned areas where everything is empty, but when they spray foul language or visually displeasing images on peoples houses,public property or on living animals then I have a problem with it.

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