September 19

Dear Divisions 17 and 18,

This past weekend, the City of Vancouver held an event that happens twice a year:  The $10 tree sale.

Please read the CBC article about it using the link below, and then answer ONE of the following questions.

CBC news – Vancouver Tree Sale

  1. Do you agree with the plan to add 11,000 trees to Vancouver this year?  Give reasons for your answer.
  2. The article shared that the Point Grey neighbourhood has 28.9% tree coverage, while the Strathcona neighbourhood has only 5.9%. Why do you think that different neighbourhoods have different numbers of trees?  Use your knowledge of the city or do some further research and make some inferences!

We look forward to your responses!



  1. mistacheeseman

    I agree with the plan to add 11,000 trees because the trees will help remove pollution and carbon dioxide from the air. The trees in Vancouver will also provide shade. I like trees and I would like to see more trees in our city.

  2. domoking101

    I think that adding more trees to stathcona is a good idea not only because it looks good and they give a lot more fresh air to the city of stathcona it also gives more shade and helps against pollution

  3. ArcticFox

    1# Adding trees to our city is a wonderful idea. in the downtown area there isn’t many trees. they tried to plant some but they aren’t doing very well. The idea to add trees to Vancouver is a good idea because the air around the city has a lot of carbon dioxide from the cars, and harsh smoke factory’s. Trees absorb Carbon dioxide.

  4. aqua ant

    #1 I definitely agree with this plan to add 11,000 trees this would provide a greener community for everyone and hopefully encourage more people to plant their own trees. This will also improve our air quality for everyone and will especially help people respiratory problems or asthma.

  5. Santiago

    I think that more trees should be planted because trees slurp up all the bad stuff like smog and smoke and produce oxygen which is good so I agree that 11,000 trees should be planted. I think the reason Point Grey has 28.9% percent is because it has a lot of land for trees to grow and it has a lot of homes but Strathcona has a lot of businesses and not a lot of space for treeas to grow so it only has 5.9%.

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