September 22, 2016

Dear Division 16,

This one is an interesting one!

Please read this article about a small BC community and how one of its laws attracted attention.

For your assignment today, please answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. Do you agree with the city law that requires sidewalks to be built in front of new or renovated buildings?  Explain your thinking and include reasons for your opinion.
  2. What role does infrastructure such as sidewalks play in communities?  Why are structures such as sidewalks, roads, sewers and stop signs important?

I look forward to your responses!




  1. AppleJuice-Injury 123ABC

    1#I don’t agree with there law that you have to build a sidewalk in front of new or renovated buildings because you are spending money that you could use to build/renovate more and as such a small community it will probably want to try and grow as much as possible to get more people to go there. I don’t think that there needs to be a sidewalk in an any small town because they don’t do a lot because not a lot of people walk on them so they don’t get used so much and they just get cracked and worn down by the weather.

  2. purple pom-poms

    I think that instead of placing sidewalks in front of new or renovated buildings,people could put down something cheaper for example dirt or gravel so you can use the money for something more important like for cancer research or to give to the poor.For the sidewalks already put down there’re is no point in taking them out so I would leave them in.

  3. Xaxo045

    1 I think that there is a need for the side walks in front of new buildings because if there is no sidewalk it doesn’t really make he building look finished with the front of it a huge mud puddle. This isn’t really what has to happen but I think that the building company should pay for the sidewalk as it isn’t really the city’s problem

  4. Amythest

    1. I don’t think that they’re should always be new sidewalks built in front of new or renovated buildings because you just spent about one million dollars on a building and then you have to spent more money on a sidewalk. I know it’s their job and also it might not be the same workers but, the construction workers have to build a building that may have taken them a year or more, then they just have to build a sidewalk.

  5. crazymemeslol123

    #2 I think the reason why it’s so important to put signs,sidewalks,roads,and sewers is because signs:Help a lot of drivers to tell them where their going and where they are and tell them what danger lays a head or hazardous roads.sidewalks:to keep humans that don’t have a vehicle stay safe when they walk.roads:like sidewalks they drive safety around other people without hitting them.sewers:last but not least sewers they keep our waste and other things we drop in the toliet goes to the sewers and special people go and clean the sewers to keep them clean so other bacteria don’t work together.and that’s what I think is important about all of these structures.

  6. Sushi Monster

    #1 I think the city should make sure sidewalks are built in front of new buildings and also old buildings. If we didn’t have sidewalks, we would be walking on the road which is not safe because people could easily get hit by a car. Sidewalks are fun to roller blade on, go on walks with your family, walk your dog, and learn to ride your bike. Without sidewalks, people would probably drive their cars everywhere because they don’t want to get hit by a car. This would be polluting our earth and our community would probably not be friendly and chatty because people are not walking around and talking to each other.

  7. flying giraffe

    2# because I think you need sidewalks and roads so that if you’re driving you won’t have a super bumpy time in the car that will make you feel sick from driving on dirt or grass. And if there was only sidewalk and you were in a rush you would have to go slowly because of pedestrians. And the sidewalk is not usually thick enough for two cars either way or beside each other. And if there was only roads you would end up so tired from having to run down the road because of the risk to not get hit by a car. So that’s why you need both sidewalks and roads. And even when kids have gardens to play in if you were playing with something that included things that can go high it’s good to have stop signs and slow signs so that if your soccer ball goes on the road the driver is most likely to see the ball and stop so it won’t get run over.

  8. smeagaleater10

    2# I think that roads, sewers, and stop signs are important, sidewalks, I think are not as important because there are plenty of ways to improve them. Roads are important because cars drive on them and stop signs are important because crashes would occur way more often if there where no stop signs. Sidewalks can be improved by making them grass, the curbs would be concrete but the rest would just be grass. This would be an effective solution while being environmentally friendly and more welcoming.

  9. french waffles

    I’m gonna answer number 2. I think sidewalk are important cause if its all grass people cant see things that are dangerous like drugs and maybe feces if there is a sidewalk people would see it and don’t step on it cause It happen to me.

  10. lordofthepies05


    I don’t agree with the law that you have to be building side walks ifront of new or renovated buildings because, in this case, the side walk goes absolutely nowhere… That’s a waste of money, time and space, to build something that is so seemingly pointless.

  11. Joaquin

    #1 I don’t agree with the the city’s law i think it is a waste of time and a waste of money that could go to more important like school

  12. the engineer

    Structures such as sidewalks are important because of safety. For example, it would not be safe to walk to town if there were no sidewalks, and it would not be safe to cross deep rivers without bridges. Sewers are important because if there were no sewers it would smell terrible in the city and it would be bad for people’s health.

  13. SKOULE

    1. I don’t agree with this, the people could just put something cheaper. but there’s also safety in this world, what if some parents with little ones let their kids walk for a bit on they own, they may pick something up and may chew it or whatever little ones do.
    Sooo…. I have thoughts about without and with.

  14. Spamlington

    #1. I disagree with the law that says you have to place a sidewalk in front of new/renovated houses because there would be times when that law would be useful, but there would also be times when it would just be impractical and more stressful for everyone.

  15. sparkle sloth

    2. I think it is important for the city to build these things because it is much safer. It is also much easier to get around!

  16. S.P.E.W

    1. I agree that they need sidewalks, but I disagree with how the law has been applied. I think that what they need is to be able to set aside the money that they need for the sidewalks until they have enough money to place a whole bunch of sidewalks together so they can be connected. Then you won’t have to waste money on upgrading the sidewalks by the time it’s all connected.


    #1 I think that it wasn’t a very good Idea to put the “side walk to nowhere” way out in front of the actual store. I think that the developers should be fined because the 10,000$ spent on the sidewalk could have been spent for something better like a community center or a park.

  18. Flying Mandarin

    1I don’t agree with the the city laws.
    Bacause people will not be using a half finished sidewalk. If the city are using the money for this they could use that money for some things useful.

  19. The Random Student

    #2 I think that it’s important to have side walks and stop signs because if there is side walks you can walk through it very easily without having to walk through muddy puddles.Stop signs are very important too. If there isn’t any stop signs cars will just rush through the roads instead of having to stop and look for people who’s crossing the roads. And there will be a lot more accidents. When they’re sidewalks and stop signs it will be much easier to get around.

  20. grass

    1. I don’t agree with people who have to rebuild new sidewalks that’s just a waste of money and time but why do they need to build new sidewalks the sidewalk looks normal.

  21. Arcticfox

    1# I believe that this should not be a law. First of all, I think that it’s pretty pointless to have it there. Its ok to have a law that in the city we have to have to have a sidewalk next to new buildings because it wouldn’t make sense not to have one. Though like they said its a long way from the nearest town why would they add a sidewalk there? It’s not like anyone is just casually walking their dog next to a high way. They said it may be 20 years before it would even connect to any other sidewalks. Over all I just think its a complete waste of money, effort and time for these reasons.

  22. Pink Pickle


    I don’t think Smithers should have that By Law in place because as in the article, the sidewalk was in the middle of nowhere, I mean I would be good if the By Law took place in some sort of downtown area but not out on the highway because the sidewalk serves no purpose, so basically the owner had to pay an extra $10,000 for nothing. I just think that’s kind of unfair.

  23. GamingPickle84

    #1I don’t agree with the law of having a sidewalk in front of new or renovated building because you could use that money for different things in the community like schools and all of the buildings that are being built take over 5 years so having a sidewalk in front of stuff like that is pointless

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