September 26

Dear Divisions 17 and 18,

This Friday is our Terry Fox Run where we consider the commitment and passion of Terry Fox. We are proud to claim him as a Canadian Hero.

Recently, we have learned that Terry Fox’s heritage includes a Metis background!

Please read the article below and then answer the question you see underneath it.

Terry Fox Metis Heritage

Give at least one reason why you think this is important for Terry OR for Canada? 

Just a reminder to edit your work and make sure you have answered the question before you click “post comment”

We look forward to your responses!



  1. The Baconator

    I think that this is important because people already saw him as a hero and an inspiration but now his identity has changed as it has been revealed that his heritage is partly indigenous now maybe indigenous people can connect to him better and can bring in the more diverse part of our community.

    • Catzrule

      I agree with the Baconator. Even though I feel that what he did was more important than his heritage, being able to have support from more people for him must have helped him to keep going.

  2. Lightning Bolt

    I believe its important is because Terry is one of those Canadians who is recognized as a hero and inspiration to others. As it is revealed that his heritage is partly connected to the indigenous. Indigenous can maybe now see him as still a hero but now with the same heritage. That way they can connect with him but can also support more of his hard work with the others who believe with him. Indigenous people who can also connect with people may not be indigenous and make our streets more different than what it is now.

  3. Blue snowflake

    Terry Fox was a very amazing person that earned the respect of many, many people. And now that we find out that his heritage includes Metis background, I think that it will make him more respected and it will change the perspective of many people, and will even make some people more friendlier to indigenous people. Canada will become more kinder to indigenous people and many countries might even learn from Canada and be welcoming to them.

  4. Amythest

    I believe it’s important for that information to be shared, because Terry Fox is such an important and inspirational person that that many people look up to, that’s why I think it is important for anyone to know as much information or as much knowledge about his back story. I think this new information about Terry Fox will allow many people with a Metis background to have a personal connection to him, and maybe he will earn some more respect from people.

  5. Arty-Choke

    Now that it’s been revealed that Terry Fox had a Metis background, I think that a lot more indigenous people will feel connected to him and will feel that it’s their responsibility to be part of Terry Fox runs and donations. If more people help with a donation, it will help Terry’s dream stay alive. I think for some people, this will also help them connect better with indigenous cultures because Terry was a famous Canadian who also had an indigenous heritage.

    • TamTam

      I agree that the information about Terry’s Metis background may indeed allow even more people to feel a personal connection to him and his dream!

  6. Day Dreamer

    I think this article is important because now it shows another side of him and his history and it will change how people see him in a good way and he is really important to cancer researchers because if he just sat on the couch and watched TV all day cancer researchers would not have as much money to researcher as they have now, and our school would not have a Terry Fox run and Terry Fox runs are fun for me.

  7. Timbit

    Terry gave us hope, and a goal. Our participation in a run and/or financial help will play a huge part in finding a cure for cancer.

  8. SC30

    Terry is really Important for us.It’s really Important to participate for running because if we run it means we love terry fox

  9. electroe05

    Finding out for about his heritage of indigenous was a big step forward in my opinion. We had seeing Terry fox as a hero before and now I believe this inspired more people that were a part of this culture to get out and run. Even if they are not related in any way. We all still want to help him to continue his dream. This News should just inspire more to get out there and run.

    • TamTam

      It will be interesting to see if this newly shared information impacts the number of people who participate in Terry Fox runs this year. I agree with you electroe05 that it likely will.

  10. Lam

    I think it is another thing to know about Terry Fox which makes him more interesting for Terry Fox supporters.
    Also it tells us a bit more about him and where he’s from.

  11. Flying pinguin

    It keeps the legacy of Terry Fox’s dream alive. It helps bring the community together and this for a great cause. This is part of Canada’s history.

  12. smeagaleater10

    I think this is important for Canada because a hero like Terry Fox empowers all the Canadians, especially native Canadians. When the Europeans took over Canada they treated the natives very poorly like they couldn’t do anything of worth. This recently discovered fact that Terry is part Metis, is not the only proof that natives can do things that are of plenty of worth. Take Jay Silverheels, a Mohawk known for his role of Tonto on The Lone Ranger. I think that starring in a Hollywood movie is of plenty of worth. So this is important to Canada because it empowers it’s native people to overcome their contemporary racial issues such as low rates of unemployment and education, lower income levels, higher rates of incarceration and suicide.

  13. Hippodude2005

    I think that this is important for Canada because we all get together and remember a man that changed Canada and we all try to finish what he started

  14. Awesomeness

    It is good Terry Fox is known because he raised so much money for cancer research so people did not have to suffer if people did not know how to treat their kind of cancer. Having the Terry Fox run is good so we are reminded that someone who has cancer can do something as amazing as he has. The article tells you stuff that is really interesting and it is good so you get to know more about who started the whole Terry Fox run.
    He shows that you should never give up and it inspires us to do things small or big things that makes a big difference to everyone. It is good that Terry Fox made the Terry Fox run because it spead’s cancer awareness. It is disappointing that Terry Fox died but he died doing something that helped and is still helping so many people.

  15. mouk

    I think this news is going to spread and people are going to give even more respect for Terry than we already have. I also felt like Terry fox wasn’t as popular any more from over the years and just as this was happening we heard that Terry’s had a Metis background and I think the respect is back and he is very popular than ever!

  16. Narwhalz

    I think the fact that Terry Fox was a native to Canada proves that that the indigenous people can make a change, and not just them but anyone can. And I think the least you can do is donate money to his cause.

  17. bow tie 12

    I think it is important for people to know this because it might inspire other people to look in to there history of there family tree. And Terry Fox was inspiring to people and it might get people more inspired and interested in Terry Fox. People know his story so it might get people thinking about the sacrifice he made for others. And hope fully it will get people trying to raise awareness and helping out! I’m excited for are Terry Fox run!

  18. the fantom blade

    I think that it was important for terry to run across Canada because if he was one of those people that sat around on there couch’s then he would not have been remembered in such a way. My second reason is that terry raised a total of around 750 million dollars after he died .

  19. Mystery

    I think this is important because Terry Fox has inspired so many people with or without cancer to be a fighter. So many people cheered him on. Now that we know that Terry has a Metis background I hope more indigenous people will start feeling more connected to this. Terry fox has raised $ 715 million for people with cancer. Terry was born on July 28 1958 Winnipeg. In 1966 Terry and his family moved to Coquitlam B.C. In 1977 Terry was diagnosed with bone cancer. The doctors had to remove Terry’s leg and replace it with an artificial one. Terry decided to have a marathon for cancer research. On September 1 1980, Terry was forced to stop the marathon, by then he had ran 143 days and 5,073 kilometres. Terry Fox died 1 year after 1981. No matter what background Terry came from we will always cheer him on as “Terry Fox”!

    • Blue snowflake

      I really like your answer, it said all the information that was in the video before the Terry Fox Run. How did you know all of that or find that information so quickly?

  20. White_heart

    Terry fox is an important person because not that he has cancer but his courage😇 He ran from new foundland to thunder bay I can’t believe it! I can’t run that far I would be exhausting terry fox is really braves and confident to run the marathon of hope and I’m pretty excited for the terry fox run and how much money we can raise!🏃💵

  21. Jet

    I think that Terry Fox’s aboriginal background is important to Canada more than to him. Mainly because we are on aboriginal territory and its good to know that the English settlers aren’t all of us. That most of us honestly are ashamed of what happened. To know that an aboriginal background person lived here in the same society as us means a lot to me.

  22. ThePlatypusLife

    I think this is Important because it shows that anyone can do anything if they have the determination to do it. I also think it is important to Canada because he tried so hard to raise money, that he was willing to die. And he did, because he raised 720 Million dollars after he died!. I think this is really amazing and the fact that when he thought he was going to die, he didn’t complain. he lived the end of his life to the fullest, by running across Canada

  23. DairyKing07

    it’s good for people to learn about Terry Fox’s legacy he had a big goal to run all the way across with one leg and raise $1,000,000 for cancer. Terry Fox will be one of our biggest hero of Canadian history.

  24. Spongebob

    I think this is important because people recognized Terry Fox as a hero, and now we realized he is partly indigenous. Indigenous people might connect to him even more.

  25. game-master 2017

    I believe this is a very important to are Canadian heritage it shows how Terry represents the best of Canada both in terms of Aboriginal culture and. as national hero to all Canadians and I am looking foreword to running tomorrow.

  26. ChickenGod

    I think this is important because lots of people see him as a hero but some do not because they don’t know much about his race and now that we know he is partly indigenous indigenous people can connect to him more.

  27. magicalnesses

    I think this is important because as its the largest one-day fundraiser in the world, it will earn quite a bit of money which will go towards finding a cure for cancer. In fact, since the Terry Fox run began it has raised over $715 million dollars. Without him running back in 1980 we wouldn’t have had the funds to find the cure to cancer. I believe Terry’s legacy will live on forever even though he may not have.

  28. YourBroZeke

    I believe that this is a huge change for Canada Because indigenus people were treated with disrpespect and mistrust and denial (like the song about that boy how was sent to a elementary school)and that having a metis National Hero is a huge change in evry indigenus kids adults and elders as well as anyone with cancer YOU CAN DO ANYTHING

  29. the engineer

    It teaches Canadians about Terry Fox and it raises money for cancer research. Also having a Metis heritage makes Terry uniquely Canadian. I also think its good to get active to keep healthy. Haveing the choice to bike would be even better.

  30. Snort

    I think that Terry Fox is very important in Canada because he inspires so many people to do anything they want to if they just believe in there selves. He made at least 300 million dollars for cancer research when he believed in himself. Terry discovered that he had a malignant tumour in his right leg and this leg was amputated 15 centimetres (six inches) above the knee. In 1979 he began training for the Marathon of Hope, a cross-country run to raise money for cancer research. During this marathon, he hoped to raise one dollar from each of Canada’s 24 people. However as we can see now, he raised more than that. Terry Fox was born in July 28 1958 in Winnipeg and he past away on June 28 1981 New West Minister.

  31. what the what!

    I think its important because Terry is one of those Canadians who is recognized as a hero and is an inspiration to others.Now a days the terry fox run is held in 25 countries it is the largest one-day fundraiser event in the world.

  32. hockey 101

    The reason I think this story is important is that it shows Canadian passion and pride in Matis culture.Terry Fox is a truly a legend

  33. lordofthepies05

    I think this is important for Canada, not only because it helps raise money for children in Canada with cancer but also because it is very inspiring and motivational for other people out there with physical defects or people undergoing or finishing cancer treatment, that want to raise awareness.

  34. Naruto Shippuden fan boy 1769

    I think this is important for Canada because Terry Fox is a Canadian hero and getting to know more about him is just like getting to about your family history more. Also, Terry Fox being a Meti might inspire more people to participate in the run.

  35. 008rayray800

    I think this is an incredible find and it is astounding that we didn’t discover this earlier. I believe that this is important for Canada because Terry fox is mostly known as a Canadian hero but now he might be known as more of a hero for the Metis as well, and that would benefit Canada by bringing in a lot more people from the Metis community to participate in the run.

  36. black circle

    I think it interesting that Terry is part indigenous because he ran in a time were indigenous people were treated unequally.

  37. Do it for da Hwin

    I believe that it is great to know another side of Terry! people saw terry as a hero to raise money for kids with cancer. Seeing that he had a metis background could even inspire others to participate in the Terry Fox run. I think that is important to Canada because indigenous people were treated with no respect and maybe this will make more people understand what we did wrong.

  38. chiefblobfish

    Terry was a brave man because he had bone cancer and he tried to run across Canada he wanted to make money for cancer research terry only ran for one year 1980-1981 143 days. He started in Newfoundland and made it to Thunderbay Ontario

  39. sleepingsquirrel64

    my grandma died of gallbladder cancer last year thats why people like Terry fox are so Important. the more people die from cancer the more it needs to stop. Terry is a hero in all of are hearts and having a Metis back ground will make more people be inspired to do the Terry fox run very year.

  40. crum

    I am very surprised about terry’s background but i think that it will make more people want to run and it will inspire more and more people!

  41. Snapshot1178

    I think that his background is impotent because it shows that any one can do anything they want to if they put their mind to it no mater what age race or gender.

  42. domoking101

    I think the metis background is important because it might bring the aboriginal and the non aboriginal closer together

  43. Spirit Heart

    I think the Terry Fox run is important because cancer is very heart braking.

    When I was in my K,1, 2, class my friend was diagnosed with brain cancer and she sadly passed away when she was seven.

    So doing the Terry Fox run will help so many others with cancer and if we can do this every year. Then we can raise millions and millions of dollars to help those in need.

  44. Joaquin

    I think that terry fox is a Canadian legend and discovering that he is Metis mite inspire more people to run. Because when you have a personal connection to some thing it gives you more of a drive to do it.

  45. mistacheeseman

    I think Terry Fox’s Metis background is important because it might also inspire indigenous people to do the Terry Fox run. It is pretty cool that Terry has a Metis background so maybe people will think about him more and it will be easier for Terry dream to come true.

  46. Mr blog

    I think it is important that that Tarry has metis heritage because maybe more indigenous people would care about him and maybe he would of more well known faster if he was he could of raised 15 or 20 million dollars. That amount of money would of changed the Terry fox run.

  47. aqua ant

    I think this is important to show that not only white people can achieve major things and anyone can do anything that they believe in. One of my best friends was diagnosed with brain cancer and died three months later this is heartbreaking for the families and friends. I hope that this information will inspire more First Nations to take part in the terry fox run. Together I hope one day we will all run for terry fox and other cancer patients.

  48. The phantome blade

    I think that he had a great impression on all of Canada because of how he never gave up not even when it was hailing/snowing/raining.As a runner I will never stop looking up to him.

  49. patrick star

    I think that everything he did was important because he was helping and he was also making a name for himself. Terry fox is someone that runners look up to,

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