Youth Venture Workshop #2


This experience felt exciting and unbelievable since we were able to learn from students from UBC.  This rare chance actually reminds me of some projects I did last year, such as the food project, where we did a lot of brainstorming and research.  We also got to learn about how everything was connected to food just how we learned that the plants are connected to many thing and can go in a cycle.  Every project or assignment I have done always makes me think about it so much that I’d be able to finish at home completely.  That’s why I think that even though this project will be difficult, I will try to do my best like the other projects.  by Blue Snowflake

I learned a lot of things like the causal loop where it’s basically like making connections and inferences to an idea.  Also I really learned how communication plays a big role since when we did the human knot, if people were pulling everywhere it would just get worse.  But if we worked as one, it is easy which brings me back to the community needs where if everyone worked as one, we could achieve anything.  For example, if we focused on one need that is small, then approached a bigger need it would be easier since all big problems are made of little problems.  So if you solve smalls, you can tackle the big ones.  Just like learning how to count to 100, then trying to count to 200, it will be easier since they have similar patterns.  But overall, I think I learned a lot while also having a tonne of fun and I’m excited for the big project to come and for applying these skills to real problems.  Like using the causal loop to see what my fish needs most in the aquarium. by Naruto Ship Fan Boy

We did something similar to what we did another time in the school year.  We were talking about needs and wants.  I think it is important to talk about needs and wants because it saves us from spending money on something we don’t really need but what we want.  I think that looking into the root of the problem is good so that you can find a permanent solution to the problem.  by Awesomeness

I thought the process of preparing a presentation like that is very hard.  Both times the engineers made a new powerpoint.  Anyhow, the most important part of our exercise was critical thinking.  These days we need solutions for big problems that could end the world early.  So it is important to work on things other than the regular math and writing. The engineers had some cool ideas that may work.  One thing we worked on was a diagram of how a plant grows. In the end, everything connects to everything.  by the engineer

It was fun!  Every part of it was great.  The best part for me was the causal loop diagrams.  It was fun because we got to find bizarre ways to connect everyday things.  The EWB crew tried their best to make it fun and interesting and they succeeded.  To recap, it was fun, interesting and funny!  by Sleeping Squirrel 64

I thought the causal loop diagram was really interesting.  I liked how everything was interconnected.  I also think the speakers did a great job of carefully explaining it so we understood.  The human knot was really fun and I think, besides communication, what we also took away from the human knot was how to work together.  I’m excited and curious to learn more!  By 008RayRay800

Some three students came to our class and Division 17.  They taught us about causal and about plant things.  I never heard of causal before but when they talked about causal it feels like I am good at English and English is not my first language and it was really good for me that they talked about causal and plant things.  I liked them going and presenting to our class because every time they came I always learn new words for me and I never heard and it kind of tells me that engineering is fun to learn and it will blow your mind and you get to make or create things you want to have.  By SC30

I found that the group Youth Venture contained a lot of pure knowledge which will be passed on through us in the future.  I love how Youth Venture can help with projects happening in our class and help make them more fun.  I feel I learn lots while having fun all at once with them and can’t wait for the coming weeks with our Youth Venture team.  By electroe05

I think that it was very fun and interesting learning about causal loop diagrams.  I connected to what we did last year we did a project called “the food project”.  I made a connection to this because today we made a diagram about how plants grow and what they need to grow.  By Flying Penguin

I thought this group was very fun.  They gave serious information in a fun and interesting way.  They simplified a lot of topics like causal loop diagrams.  Even though I already knew about photosynthesis, they took it in a new direction and went above and beyond.  It was interesting to learn about connections between places, buildings, liquids, solids and more.  I thought how they displayed this knowledge to the class was very clear.  Thanks to the wonderful team.  By Jet

We got to go outside and we played a game called human knot it was a really fun game that taught us about communication.  After we worked on a causal loop diagram.  I have never heard of a causal loop diagram so today is my first time.  Now I know what it is and it is really fun to do.  Our topic was a plant and how water or air can be good and bad.  It was a good experience and I hope to have another good experience with these people next week.  By Day Dreamer

I thought their presentation was really great.  we all got to go out and release some of our energy with a brain twister (pun intended).  I thought the drawing of the superheroes was a great idea and a good project to work on as a team. #suprememan.  By hockey 101

Causal loop diagrams are a neat way to show thinking.  It is sort of like a very messy web.  Instead of showing only one connection to one idea, it shows the connections from all and to the other ideas like how compost can give to the plant but the plant can become compost too. By Mr. Blog

When the UBC students came into our class as part of the EWB project, I saw a lot of themes come up like leadership and communication.  For our group, I thought there was much more communication than last week.  I was excited to see how this project would go because last year for the food project I worked alone when most people worked with a partner but I thought having these three students come in was a good experience! by bow tie 12

I thought that learning how to use a causal loop diagram was great.  I think that it was interesting because everything within reason connected to the topic.  The example of plant for the diagram really taught me what it’s used for and it really connects to the note taking.  It really seemed the same, find your topic, find key things, and connect.  Looking at the big picture is a great way to look at something and see a shared problem or looking for shared needs in our community.  In my opinion, to solve them, (EWB said this too) is with other perspectives and ideas.  by Do It For The Hwin

I thought that the Causal Loop Diagram was really fun and cool.  Working with my group made me so happy because I love working in groups!  It was also cool that we did a super hero thing.  I think that all the projects we do are all really fun!  by Spirit Heart

When we did that knot thing it was fun and painful.  I had a good time when our group got to make our hero we had a hard time making our hero because we had a hard time to know what it will look like.  The past week was fun.  I don’t know if some people had a good time but I did.  by Lizard man

They showed us the causal loop diagram and about how different factors of different things are connected in different ways.  We also had to use different traits to create superheros that have those traits.  We were taught the human knot game to help our problem solving skills.  by Black circle

I thought it was a very interesting diagram about the youth venture because it is good, fun and promotes leadership and learning skills.  I find this good for you. by Santiago

The causal loop diagram was one of the things we worked the most on when four Engineers without Borders came to work with us.  It was a great experience and while there was a lot of fooling around, it was educational and fun, which sounds impossible but isn’t.  We talked about some smart stuff about plants and it introduced us to the causal loop diagram and about how everything is connected…. and it was pretty amazing was pretty amazing.  For example: sunlight connects to dirt, which in turn connects to plants.  Crazy, right!  It was one of the best classes yet. by My Bro Zeke

This afternoon was very interesting and fun.  I really liked how they put the slide show together and were very interactive with the whole class.  The best part by far was when they had us do a human knot.  My group and I managed to get out a couple of times.  But when we started talking about the plant, it took me back to last year when we did the food project especially when we talked about the farm, market, your house and waste. By Joaquin

Three students from UBC came to our class today and talked about how teams work and communication and how teamwork and communication work together.  When we were drawing a causal diagram, I thought we really reflected how I think in my mind and I thought it was easier to understand when they layed it out on the board.  I also liked how they made it fun but I was still focused and learning at the same time. by Spongebob

Usually presentations don’t catch my eye as much as this presentation did. I loved how they let us look at the big pictures of things because you can learn so much from any small concept.  They helped me think deeper about things,  and to look to find things that maybe aren’t there. It was fascinating to see how everyday things can connect together and help each other in so many ways.  This new project I found different than the last.  I feel like the first one was just an introduction but now it’s the big picture and thinking about Engineers without Borders. by Aqua Ant

Today we did something called causal loop diagrams and what that is we had four subjects.  Plant was the main one but we also had water, dirt and sunlight and all we did was put them all together and connect them.  I really liked this activity because we were all allowed to be open with our feelings and any option would be fine with the presenters.  We also did this thing where we meant to draw a superhero with four to five good qualities.   This activity was my favourite because we got to draw and we worked in groups and got to do the project with our group and I think that’s way more fun than working on your own. by hippodude2005

I think the causal look diagram is really interesting and confusing at the same time.  The diagram started from one topic that leads to another.  The presentation was super interesting and funny too.  The presentation was about wants and needs like do you want a video game or a school uniform but anyway I loved the presentation.  By Dark_type_trainer

A really fun thing called causal loop diagram which really makes a problem turn into the bigger picture.  We did a really simple one about plants that just gave us that little tasting we needed to understand it.  overall, I think that my listening was 100% better last week because of the choices I  made about who I sat next to.  By The Fantome Blade

I am generally very interested in things like paradoxes and diagrams but I’d never heard of causal loop diagrams.  I found it so interesting.  It’s as though it’s a community, a living system, but if one tiny thing is hit off balance, the whole thing collapses, like a life cycle or a food chain.  I am somebody that tries to find the most efficient solutions to things, and I think Engineers Without Borders is really going to interest and challenge me.  By LordOfThePies

Our experience with the university students today was very enjoyable for me because they really guided us in a direction, then pushed us to our potential.  They talked to us about two topics that most of us know and understand, then they allowed us to make connections within that topic by Amythest

I think that the experience that i had today was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.  When I first heard the words “causal loop diagram” I thought I would never understand what that meant, but they showed us what that was and now I understand everything.  Everything we did was so interesting and I loved it when we went outside and did that human knot game. by crum

I think that the idea of the causal loop diagram was very interesting.  I liked the way everything connected and fit together and the way everything was a positive and a negative.  Then we tried to untie our hands (and we made it!) we had to really communicate to one another to solve the “puzzle”.  By domoking

One very funny and fun thing we did was human knot.  It’s like when you play dodgeball when you have to work like a team and use leadership to help everyone.  A fun thing we did as well was look at what plant was connected to, like making a web.  Everything is connected in a way. by pug life

I’ll admit, I didn’t know you could make so many connections in a topic.  I’ll admit, I didn’t ever think of it that way.  I also had fun with the activity, though it was a bit confusing.  It was also nice to know what a root problem is.  Now, where I have I heard that term before?  Oh well, what matters is I know what it is now.  by gamemaster2017

My experience today with Shawn, Akash and Gouri was one I will not forget because there were so many things I can connect to and they came to us with a strong connection.  It was like I have seen them before.  My thought at first was this is going to be another boring talk or something that I already know, but they came in with a smile on their face and at the end they left a smile on our faces. by Mystery

I think this is going to be one of my favourite projects I’ve done.  The people who work with us are funny and do fun things with us.  I liked making the superhero and what they looked like but my favourite was doing causal loops and what it reminded me of when last year we did a life cycle of a strawberry thing and it showed us the beginning of produces life all the way to the end. And they worked with us through that food project.  I really enjoyed it last year and I plan to this year too! by Mouk

I think learning these things gives a great example what we are going to be learning in the future and it also gives us a head start from now until later on.  Today and a few weeks ago we learned about Engineers Without Borders.  People from University came to our school and taught us about these things.  I had tonnes of fun learning about Engineers Without Borders. by Snort

Youth Venture Program Update.  It was really well organized presentation and had a fun activity along with it.  They told us useful facts from both presentations about how to use a causal loop diagram and how to identify the bigger picture and more.   by DairyKing07

Before this presentation I was so tired but the presentation was fun, exciting and interesting.  It woke me right up!  After this presentation, I learned lots of things.  I never even thought about like thinking about the big picture and how causal loop diagrams work.  I hope they come with more fun and interesting presentations.  by chickengod

I learned of a cool way of making a diagram.  It’s called a causal loop diagram.  We learned how a plant is connected to air, sunlight, dirt, water, farm, market, home, and waste.  It was a lot of fun how all of them were connected.  by chief blobfish

I think that the stuff they talked about connects to our work on school and community needs because in order to think about our needs, we need to look at the big picture.  All our needs are because of problems.  Example: we wouldn’t need better wifi if the wifi we had didn’t suck.  I also think causal diagrams will really help us decide what we need most.  by bananA

It was fun to get in our groups and draw a superhero, even though my group didn’t have the same opinions, we got it done and it was fun.  by what the what?

I thought what we did today was really interesting and fun!  I liked how we did activities to help us understand and I thought it was cool that we learned in a way that was funny, fun and still educational.  My favourite part was either doing the causal loop diagrams or the human knot because they made us really think.  Even though it took a while to finish the subject, I’m looking forward to doing more! by Helga

The thinking we did about needs connects in a way of root causes.  An example is that housing prices cause homelessness which leads to a bigger problem.  Brainstorming needs is also like the causal loop diagram.  We thought of ideas that relate to the main topic and see the connection they had with the overall question. by lightning bolt

I didn’t know what to expect today but I really did enjoy the way they layed it out.  I had never heard of causal loop diagrams before and I found them really interesting on how they worked and what they looked like.  The only thing about them that I thought could be improved was the layout.  I thought it was really busy but I soon found out that there were many more ways to show the diagram so if I were to make one, I’d probably use a neater way.  I really liked the overall presentation though and I thought it was cool that there was new people that were teaching us as well as one of the past week presenters. by Arty-choke

My experience was good because we got to learn a lot of stuff.  For example, causal loop diagrams.  What we learned from this was to connect things together.  Like waste to market because when a farmer sends their damaged crops, the market won’t accept them, which is waste.  That connection was connected to last year’s project, where we talked about damaged food.  by Timbit

I couldn’t believe that they do that type of thinking every day!  I thought that it was very interesting learning about the bigger picture.  Last week I thought that a lot of people weren’t doing a very good job at identifying a need from a want.  I think the most important need in the community is affordability of housing because a lot of people can’t afford to buy a house so they are forced to either move out of the city or are forced into poverty.  By Lam

I think that it was very interesting what  we learned because everything is all very connected with everything else they talked about.  With the causal root diagrams, I found it cool how everything was connected.  Everything is also easy to connect with other work we have done, with leadership and teamwork. The human knot activity was fun, because it was very interactive and I learned it works best if 1 or 2 people tell everyone what to do and where to go.  Also, it showed how everybody needs to work together, along with the causal root diagrams.   By The Platypus Life



  1. Youth Venture EWB

    Youth Venture at UBC is honoured and flattered by all the heartfelt and sincere comments about our presentation. It was a pleasure. We had fun, and I know y’all had fun. Again, thank you for your participation, patience, and attention. Looking forward to working with y’all real soon!


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